PTFE Cables Manufacturers
(Qualifying To MIL-W-16878, And JSS-51034 Specification)

Tonk & Associates have launched themselves as the most promising PTFE Cable manufacturers as they have industry experience of more than 3 decades in producing PTFE Cables domestically as well as globally.

The PTFE Cables are designed in a way that they are matchless n, because they conduct properties like excellent physical, electrical, and mechanical properties over a wide temperature range has opened new design and application areas for wire and cable. These cables are physical and thermal resistant because it can withstand at any high temperature, inflammable, high tensile strength, can conduct electricity faster and in better way, UV nuclear and chemical resistant, corrosion resistant, posses approximately a thousand-fold longer high-voltage life.

This is a multicore cable which is non-contaminating, non-toxic and bio-compatible too. These PTFE Cables are smaller in size, light in weight and very reliable so that these can be used anywhere easily with maximum comfort and ease.

PTFE Cables are used in varied fields like- high performance motors, transformers and rectifiers, Infra-red sensing equipment, Control Equipment for atomic Energy, satellite Launching, neuron-surgical equipment, high temperature control valves, automobiles, furnace and oven wiring etc.

Ptfe cables have excellent non stick properties and are easy to clean when gets dirt. These cables also provide high friction in the brakes of the automobiles thus helping in smooth running and preventing from damage.

PTFE Cables

PTFE Cables Construction

Conductor : Silver or Nickel or Tinned Plated Copper or Bare Copper Wire.
Insulation : PTFE Wrap or PTFE / Polyamide / PTFE Combination or PTFE / FG
Properties : Resistance to Fire, Chemicals, Acids, Sunlight and Moisture.
Voltage Grade : 250 V, 600 V or 1000 V and above as per customer requirement.
Temperature : -65° C to + 260° C
Size : AWG 32 to AWG 1 and ( AWG 0 to AWG 0000 on request only )