PTFE Insulated Wire
(Polytef Wire)®

“Polytef”® is our innovative Insulated Wires have wonderful insulating properties suitable for use as lead wires in Motors and Gen. sets up to Thermal Class B, F and H. The conductor used is Uni-lay perfect round shape conductor construction.

“Polytef”® is ideally suitable for Motor Lead, Coils Transformers, Genset and Panel with excellent thermal stability. “Polytef”® is high temperature performance is characterized by MIL W 16878 and JSS 51034 rating at 125 ºC, 150ºC and 180ºC. Excellent cut-through and abrasion resistance with braid and varnished fillers makes it ideally suitable for Class B, Class F and Class H.

It is available in 0.5 MM2 to 70 MM2 and in any other required size in Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Green colors.

Wire Construction

Conductor : Nickel or Tinned Plated Copper or Bare Copper Wire.
Primary Insulation : PTFE Wrap or PTFE/Polyamide/PTFE Combination.
Secondary Insulation : Fiber Glass Braid and Varnished.
Properties : Resistance to Fire, Chemicals, Acids, Sunlight, and moisture.
Voltage Grade : 600 V & 1000 V and above as per customer requirement.
Temperature : - 65° C to + 260° C
Size : AWG 24 to AWG 1 and up to 70 Sq MM