PTFE Wire Manufacturer

Tonk & Associates have been recognized as the most prominent player in this domain of having more than three decades of experience in manufacturing PTFE wires. PTFE wires are known for their compact strength, shock resistance, semi rigid nature, heat and acids resistant, high temperature, electric shocks, fire proof, high conductivity, optimum strength, flexibility. All these features make PTFE wires most desirable in the Indian and international market as well.

These all features come in the PTFE Wires manufactured by Tonk & associates. They have been manufacturing PTFE wires since more than 30 years of industry experience.

PTFE Wires manufactured by Tonk & Associates manufactures nickel or tinned plated coated thin wires wrapped inside fiber glass braid having lowest melting points which means these can be applied in various high temperature regions like arc furnace, ovens automobiles and also they has highest dielectric strength which means they can better conduct electricity than any other wires. These wires are highly flexible so this can be used in mechanical sections and has chemical resistivity also.

Just because of these significant features PTFE Wires are so much demanded in the global market, for this we have been able to make our client’s domain so big that all the international clients have been in association with us like KIRLOSKAR, BHEL, GILLET, HAL, BIRLA POWER, & even govt. sectors like Ministry of Defense.

Tonk & Associates We at Tonk & Associates keeps pride in us to be the best manufactures of PTFE Wires all over the India. The customers from the various regions and customize the products according to the need at best affordable prices

PTFE Wire Construction

Conductor : Silver or Nickel or Tinned Plated Copper or Bare Copper Wire.
Insulation : PTFE Wrap or PTFE / Polyamide / PTFE Combination or PTFE / FG
Properties : Resistance to Fire, Chemicals, Acids, Sunlight and Moisture.
Voltage Grade : 250 V, 600 V or 1000 V and above as per customer requirement.
Temperature : -65° C to + 260° C
Size : AWG 32 to AWG 1 and ( AWG 0 to AWG 0000 on request only )